2 Hidden Treasures Around Pulau NTU


2 Hidden Treasures Around Pulau NTU

We are honestly just two recently graduated NTU students who only found out about these “treasures” in our final semester in NTU. C’mon guys, don’t make the same mistake as us.

The daily arduous trip to school can be quite a pain, but these are some hidden finds that are sure perk-me-ups.

– Gail & Jem

30-cents Milo PengProjectweekends Project Weekends Singapore at NTU

We don’t believe it either. Click here to read more!


Thow Kwang Pottery JungleThowkwang Pottery with Project Weekends Singapore

Trapped in school, got a long break, where to go? Pottery class of course. That’ll make for a romantic break in between classes! Click here to find out more about this place.


Somehow, NTU looks brighter considerably. You’re all welcome! (:

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