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“Boston Seafood Shack brings the hearty flavours of the Bostonian harbour to Singapore! Tuck into our deliciously battered Fish & Chips; rich, creamy New England Clam Chowder; and presenting the star Premium Lobster Rolls, packed full of juicy, briny goodness.”

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Caribbean Feast (For 2) – $25
fish and chipsThis platter included calamari, prawns, oysters and fish & chips.

J: The oysters sat well with me, even though I do not usually eat oysters. However, the overall taste of this platter was overwhelming as the entire dish was coated with fried tempura. I felt sick of the taste after awhile. Best to share between 2-3 people.

Squid Ink Crab Cake Sliders (2 pcs) – $14
Crab cake slider burgers

G & J: The buns were soft but firm, though they did not taste anything like squid ink. Crab cakes were crispy on the outside and wonderfully warm and tasty on the inside. The addition of sliced and cherry tomatoes helped to offset the slight oiliness of this dish.

Boston Premium Lobstah Roll – $18
lobster roll
G: The bread roll was a quality roll that tasted freshly baked and crunchy, quite unlike those you buy off the shelves at the supermarket. Lobster slices were quite big but insufficient for the entire roll. Sides of fries were average but the mixed fruit and veggies bowl was refreshing.

Catch of the Day – $10
boston and brozeit-0257
J: Don’t let the size of the fish trick you. It is not as large as it seems as it is mostly made out of the tempura. Same thoughts for this as the Caribbean Feast.

Crispy Soft Shell Crab – $12
boston and brozeit-0258
G & J: Served with a shot of lobster sauce, the crab was meaty and as satisfying as soft shell crab should be.


Final words of caution!

Right outside the restaurant is this standee that indicates the “1-for-1 promotion” that they are offering, which was what enticed us in the first place. However, do note that BSS will charge you the highest prices of your total orders, so technically it is not 1-for-1.

For example, if you order 2 x Caribbean Feast ($25 each) + 2 x Catch of the Day ($10 each), you would expect your final bill to be $35++. Fact of the matter is they would’ve charged you $50++ (two of your highest-priced items out of the total four).

To avoid being “scammed” like we did, make sure you insist on splitting the bill: pay separately for your Caribbean Feast and Catch of the Day (based on above example).


#01-46 The Star Vista
1 Vista Exchange Green
Singapore  138617
Tel: 6694 3984


Reasonably priced, but be cautious for their 1-for-1 promotion.

Average price per pax: about $20-$30
What you should order: Crispy Soft Shell Crab, Squid Ink Crab Cake Sliders.

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