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Located near Raffles City Shopping Centre, BRIDGE turns into a contemporary modern European restaurant/bar at night. Owner Lawrence Ngan is driven by the ambition to find the perfect balance between affordable dining and fine dining. With that said, you can expect some pretty kick-ass plating of the food by the passionate head chef.

– Gail

Head Chef Ace Tan is an ex-Pollen alumni who pivots his food philosophy into 3 main categories – creativity, haute, experimental. Despite his emphasis on innovative approach and quality produce, Bridge’s motto of ‘fine dining without fuss nor pinch’ is still adhered to, as demonstrated by the more-than-reasonable pricing.

3-course and 5-course menus at Bridge Restaurant Bar for a wallet-friendly $55++ or $85++ are available from 6pm to 9:30pm. Ala carte options are also available to all for light evening bites. The menu includes the following:

Appetiser: Amuse Bouche
bridge review projectweekends singaporeG: Looking extremely exquisite in its presentation, I must say. The taste of the foie gras could be stronger though, too bad it’s only a mousse atop buckwheat!

Textures of Crab – $20bridge review projectweekends singaporeG: I liked this starter a lot. Umami gazpacho, potato crisps with mango pearl droplets. Akin to soft shell crab, but instead of the usual frozen-and-fried kinds we are used to, this black fin crab meat was very soft and fresh.

Sword Fish and Uni – $22bridge review projectweekends singaporeG: Squealing already because it’s uni. The whipped tofu, pickled enoki and yuzu pearls just fade into the background with the freshly-sliced swordfish and spoonfuls of uni. The sides of fried purple seaweed was also innovative and delicious. I was in a state of delirium for sure. It’s a steal for $22!

Jerusalem Artichoke and Kombu Buttermilk (V) – $18bridge review projectweekends singaporeG: Pickled baby corn, smoked quail egg, Andalusian cream as accompaniment to this dish. This was another favourite at the table; everyone was all smiles and praises.

Ink Risotto and Purple Octopus – $28bridge review projectweekends singaporeG: I love squid ink and octopus, but I’m not a fan of risotto. However, this pairing of Saffron lemon curd and pickled shimeiji with the squid ink risotto left me scooping the bottom of the plate for the last dregs even after the dish was long finished. The secret? There’s parmesan and tomato in the squid ink.

Chrysanthemum Infused Snapper – $30bridge review projectweekends singaporeG: This was an eye-opener for me. For the first time ever, I was introduced to chrysanthemum-infused fish. A piece of crisp fish skin, rehydrated scallop aged egg veloute and lemon tobiko also make up the rest of the plate. The drops in the middle are avocado drops, and the garnishing is cranberry.

Miyazaki Japanese A5 Wagyu and Fennel Spice – $70 (100g) or $120 (200g)bridge review projectweekends singaporeG: This is a no-brainer if you like beef – no, scratch that, if you’re a fan of wagyu! Not only was the meat tender and juicy, the sauce screams as well. Comes with local vegetables, wild yam puree and pickled rose apple. Yum!

Native Fruits of Singapore – $18bridge review projectweekends singaporeG: Okinawa organic tofu gelato with local fruits and almond crumbs. While the presentation of this dish is splendid, the overall taste fell short of expectations.

Sweet Potato Cake With Honey Cider Custard – $16bridge review projectweekends singaporeG: Combination of coconut jelly, sesame micro sponge and sweet potato gelato. In my opinion, this is a much better dessert choice, if you have to choose between Native Fruits and this. There’s a lot going on in this dessert bowl though, so make sure you save enough space after dinner for this!

BRIDGE’s menu is constantly evolving, so don’t be surprised to see new items on it. They aim to bridge the gap between fine-dining and bistro settings without marring the dire state of café fare, going the extra mile to ensure premium produce on the menu sans the exorbitant price tags. You know you’re paying for quality stuff when you dine there.

31 Seah Street
Singapore (188387)
* Between City Hall and Bugis MRT
Tel: 63334453

Opening Hours:
Tue/Wed : 3pm to 11pm
Thursday : 12pm to 11pm
Fri : 12pm to 1am
Sat : 11am to 1am
Sun : 11am to 5pm

You can find them at their website or on Facebook. Remember to tag them on Instagram / hashtag #bridgesingapore to share their new creations.

* This is an invited media tasting by BRIDGE Restaurant Bar.

Above Average

What you should order: Sword Fish and Uni, Miyazaki Japanese A5 Wagyu and Fennel Spice, Ink Risotto and Purple Octopus.

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