Cafe Waiting Love (等一个人咖啡)


From the same director as “You are the Apple of my Eye” (那些年我们一起追的女孩), “Cafe Waiting Love” (等一个人咖啡) is a successful romantic movie that left many cinema-goers teary-eyed and reminiscing about a past (or lost) love. Following the end of filming, the set was meant to be torn down, but was bought over by someone to be run as a real cafe.

– Gail

Exterior of the cafe
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Interior of the cafe
cafe waiting love taiwan taipei cafe waiting love taiwan taipei cafe waiting love taiwan taipei cafe waiting love taiwan taipei

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Drinks and Desserts that we ordered:
cafe waiting love taiwan taipei

1. 阿不思特調 – 175 NT (hot)
cafe waiting love taiwan taipei
Named after the barista in the show, “Abusi Speciality” failed to impress. Although we could customise our coffee according to how much milk, sugar etc that we wanted, the price of the coffee was much too expensive for a sub-par brew.

2. 爱的勇气 – 190 NTcafe waiting love taiwan taipei

There is a hint of mint, which was quite refreshing. A unique concoction and after taste. If you like cold brew, this is for you.

3. Honey, nuts and whipped cream waffles – 150 NTcafe waiting love taiwan taipei

A good mix of sweet and savoury. Waffles were crispy and sprinkled with icing sugar, and the honey (served in a martini glass) went well with both the mixed nuts and waffles. A good treat that is worth the money.

cafewaitinglove-4220    cafe waiting love taiwan taipei


The cafe is pretty and good for taking photos (and boasting rights). Go if you’ve watched the movie, the atmosphere is on point. If you haven’t, well, order the waffles.

How to get there:

It is quite complicated to get to the cafe as it is located between Qizhang station and Muzha station. We took a cab there by giving the driver the address, but note that the driver commented that the place was pretty inaccessible and hard to pinpoint.


– 1. Take metro to Wanfang Hospital (萬芳醫院) station on the brown line (文湖線)
2. Upon exit from metro station, cross to the opposite side of the road
3. Turn left and continue walking until you reach the first bus stop (台灣警察專科學校). Tip: bus stops in that area are not exactly proper bus stops, but rather just a bus stand with a pole. Be on the lookout!
4. Take any bus that comes along that goes to 景美女中 (you can see from the bus’ LED board when they come).
5. Alight at 景美女中. Walk to the main school gate, where you will be faced with a road junction with a 7-eleven. Enter that street and walk straight all the way (passing by Mark Coffee) and you will see your destination on your right.
* We would like to thank our dearest friend Jane Chia for this valuable information! 🙂


Another option (from Qizhang station)

*If you choose to take a cab, the fare is around 120 NT.


等一個人咖啡 / Cafe.Waiting.Love.
Taipei, Wen Shan District, No.1, Level 1, Yishou Street, Lane 44

Opening Hours: 11am – 9pm (weekdays), 9am – 9pm (weekends & public holidays)


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