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Travelling is second nature to Singaporeans these days, what with globalisation and the growing wealth of our generation. Social media is a big part of everyone’s life, whether they like it or not. The truth is, our phones, laptops and tablets are more precious to us than anything else. Without them, how else can we scroll Facebook and Instagram or even catch some rare Pokemons that don’t exist in Singapore? The only thing that renders these devices useless can only be one thing: if there’s no WIFI or data network available. When we travel, we want to take photos and post them online in real-time. Changi Recommends has the perfect solution: a Portable Wi-Fi Router.

– Gail & Jem

With their portable Wi-Fi router, you can enjoy a secure network: No longer do you need to depend on hotspots or hotel Wi-Fi for internet access.
It is also extremely portable; you can carry your Wi-Fi device in your pocket and get connected anytime, anywhere.
Best part? You can connect up to 8 devices simultaneously – Smartphones, Laptops and Tablets!

changi wifi changi recommends review projectweekends singapore changi wifi changi recommends review projectweekends singaporeG & J: That has got to be the best part, because between the both of us, we already have 4 devices that require a working Wi-Fi connection: 2 Smartphones, 1 iPad and 1 Macbook.

changi wifi changi recommends review projectweekends singapore changi wifi changi recommends review projectweekends singaporeOur review: We recently had the privilege of using this portable router in Penang, where we used it daily for 5 days. You have to charge it every night, and reset it every 24 hours. Speed-wise it was quite fast, and it was also not heavy or bulky. The battery lasted the entire day for us (after a full charge the previous night), but you can always conserve battery by shutting it off if you don’t need it.

Our recommendations:
If you go on a solo trip for roughly a month (assuming less than 30 days), we recommend data-roaming plans from telcos as they charge by the month.
If you’re simply travelling for a short weekend in a group of 8 for example, you’ll find it more worthwhile to rent a portable router from Changi Recommends.

Some things to note:
– You have to book online at least 1 day before your flight. Cut-off time is at 3pm.
– You can conveniently collect the router at any of their 24/7 booths located in all three terminals before your flight.
– Drop off after your trip is at any of the booths upon arrival back to Singapore.
– There is no roaming charge when you are connected with ChangiWIFI.

Price list available here.
* There is no charge for the 1st day of collection.

For readers of Project Weekends, you can also make use of the promotion codes we have, if you’re travelling anytime soon!

Rental Rates
$5 per day for Taiwan, Korea, Japan: PW5
$8 per day for China, Malaysia, Vietnam: PW8
$10 per day for Hong Kong, Thailand: PW10
$12 per day for Europe: PW12

Travels must be done before 31 Dec 2016!

Thank you #CHANGIRECOMMENDS for letting us stay connected while we are on-the-go in (almost) every corner of the world.

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