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As we approach one of our favourite festive seasons of the year (disclaimer: only for single or unmarried people), restaurants and hotels are starting to push out their best dishes. Every year without fail, the wonderfully glorious “pen cai” dish will catch everyone’s attention with the abundance of fine ingredients inside a huge bowl. Fassler is back this year (read: last year’s hugely successful salmon sashimi platter giveaway) with their version of the “pen cai”, and we are pleased to say we are again collaborating with them to give away a large “pen cai” worth $198. Don’t we all just love Fassler? ^^

– Gail & Jem

“Pen Cai” is like a pot of abundance that is served on New year’s eve and during reunion dinner. Scroll down for giveaway question!

fassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caifassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caiOriginating from the Song Dynasty, the Pot of Abundance (Pén Cài), was a tribute from local citizens to the Emperor and his army. The best food available was collected and served in a wooden wash basin. This tradition is commemorated in modern times during Chinese New Year, and served family-style at gatherings. The Pén Cài symbolizes unity, happiness, and prosperity. As such, only the best is put into the pot. Traditionally, each ingredient is cooked separately, then layered and topped with assorted seafood delicacies.

Fassler’s Pot of Abundance is a convenient and delicious way to celebrate tradition. They have selected and packed only the finest ingredients; the only work required is to defrost the ingredients and heat up the soup to a simmer. It is ready to eat in just 30 minutes!

fassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caiFassler’s version

The ingredients come neatly packed in a limited edition festive cooler bag, with full instructions on how to prepare. Frozen products must be thawed prior to cooking.

fassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caiG & J: Our first reaction was surprise when we received the package, mainly because we are used to seeing the final product (the whole bowl of cooked ingredients in a claypot) and not raw food. However, as soon as the cooking got underway, we began to enjoy the process and smells that wafted around the kitchen.

fassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caifassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caifassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caifassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caiG & J: Once the mussels, scallops and prawns have boiled and cooked, you can add the scallop stock broth. Slice the smoked duck thinly and add in.

fassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caifassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caiFinal product!

fassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caiG & J: Just cut up some chilli padi in soy sauce for dip and it’s good to go!

The Pot of Abundance itself contains ingredients that are chosen for taste, quality and symbolism of good luck, happiness and prosperity.

Ingredients include: 

– half-shell mussels (年年好市)
– half-shell scallops (元宝丰沛)
– vannamei prawns (哈哈大笑)
– smoked duck (红红火火)
– cooked yam (好意头)
– steamed chicken (金鸡报喜)
– shiitake mushrooms (东成西就)
– beancurd skin (知足常乐)
– fish maw (年年有余)
– fa cai (发财好事)
– canned premium braised abalone (包罗万有)
– long cabbage (和气生财)
– dried scallop stock

That’s a mouthful (pun fully intended) indeed.

Our review: We honestly didn’t expect much initially as we had to cook it ourselves and we had no confidence in our cooking skills. But our doubts were erased with the ease of the detailed instructions that came with the package, and since everything is already pre-prepared, all you really have to do is add the ingredients in one by one and slowly let it simmer.

Perfect for a CNY reunion dinner at home! Cheaper alternative, and yet as good as – or even better – the “pen cai” served in restaurants and hotels outside. We loved the broth so much we didn’t leave a drop.

Their well-known Superior Stock (上汤) is slow cooked for 5 – 6 hours to perfection with chicken and dried scallop, giving you a flavour-packed punch with every spoonful. No added MSG and preservatives.

Other Fassler promotions:

Prosperity Yu Shengfassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caiG & J: Fassler’s sashimi does not need any introduction, we reckon. Check out our Fassler post last year for more yummy sashimi photos!

Golden Treasures Herbal Chickenfassler chinese new year cny 2017 pen caiG & J: This is whole chicken stuffed with wholesome grains, including brown rice, oat, pearl barley, red wheat, quinoa and millet. Stewed in Chinese herbal soup for at least 2 hours to create the wonderful aroma.

What Fassler has to say:

“Dear valued customers, thank you for your support all these years!
Established since 1991, our gourmet seafood is created with passion to bring a culinary experience to your table. Our products cover a wide range of smoked and specialty seafood, premium soups and sauces. We stand proud with our high quality products and stringent hygiene standards.
We are delighted to collaborate with Project Weekends for the giveaway. As a token of our appreciation, one lucky winner will walk away with a large “pen cai” (worth $198). A consolation prize of a Prosperity Yu Sheng platter will also be given away.”

Simply answer this question: Tell us what does Chinese New Year mean to you ☺️ and comment on our FB post to qualify!

Head over to Project Weekends Facebook page to take part now! Giveaway runs from 12 Jan to 18 Jan 2017, ending at 2359 hours. Just in time for the Lunar New Year! (:


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  1. Wishes you happy new year, gong xi fa Cai!

    Chinese new year to me a happy celebrate with family and friends gathering, giving Ang pow to my mum and little ones at home. Reunion feast with family gather round the table with happiness & sharing joke and smile.

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