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Huang Ah Ma, the Oriental Spa Chamber, is proud to introduce Singapore’s first-ever late-night spa and facial regimen that can help you to achieve good health. The routine centres around the introduction of special herb blends and crafted massage techniques to enhance cell recovery and rejuvenation, which works best at night.

– Gail & Jem

imageServices offered includes:

Artemisia Herbs Detox (艾草) & Ear Candling – $28 for 20min
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Artemisia herbs are placed on the navel to help you to relax, as well as clear your meridian. When your body pores are open and the 12 meridian blockages are cleared, harmful materials can be expelled. The cleanse starts from the left ear (because our heart is located on the left side of our body) then followed by the right.

G: Process was neither painful nor uncomfortable. I even fell asleep and felt that I could breathe better in the aftermath of the session.

Foot spa (comes with massage/facial)
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This foot soak is a relaxing blend of natural herbs, which helps with relieving sickness and ailments. Herbs include speranskia, acacia, tumeric and a rare mix of Yunnan herbs. Helps with insomnia, enhancing blood circulation and overall well-being.

G: I liked that this foot soak was used to start off the entire session; it helped to soothe my nerves and wash away the tiredness in my legs. The water was hot – akin to hot springs – and I felt my feet sweating. Apparently that means that toxins are being expelled from my body!

Layout of the spa & other serviceshuang ah ma chinatownimagehuang ah ma chinatown huang ah ma chinatown huang ah ma chinatown huang ah ma chinatown huang ah ma chinatown huang ah ma chinatown


Review of the Imperial Night Beauty Secret Spa & Facial ($188):

– Duration: 90-min treatment
– Includes: Artemisia Herbs Detox, Ear Candling, Facial Cleanse, Musical Ball Face Massage (stroking of the face with steel balls to drain negative energy), Custom Blended Mask, Hand Meridian Massage
– Benefits: Deep rested sleep for the night, maintenance of youthful skin and a healthy body to live longer
– Best to do this treatment: At night, before sleep

G & J: Initially, we were skeptical of the truckload of benefits that this treatment claims to give. Even more so for Jem, because this treatment works especially well for women after giving birth. However, our worries were put to rest (literally and figuratively) when we experienced the massage and facial.

The multitude of benefits are suitable for both male and female, and it got rid of the fatigue that had settled around our shoulders and neck due to work. The pace and strength of the massage was also well-timed, and we both slept soundly throughout the entire session (and for that night). Don’t expect the usual facial, though. There is no “blackhead extraction” whatsoever, because Huang Ah Ma is more focused on internal (our meridian and facial points to soothe away stress and negativity) rather than the exterior.

Overall, this is the place to go if you’re looking for a place to unwind after a long day’s work. If you’re pressed for time, get the classic foot reflex. There are comfy armchairs to sit in and the rooms are dim and comfortable. What’s best? The treatment works best at night, and you can simply shower and sleep the moment you get home. Dead cells build up if you do not sleep by 10pm, according to the masseuse, so turn in early!

Best time to sleep: between 10pm-1am
* this is a beauty tip if you want good skin and a rejuvenated body.

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This 90-min treatment has an introductory price of $88 now, so call them to fix your appointment.


Get loved up this February, where it is a month of love and indulgence at Huang Ah Ma. For couples and besties, you’re in luck. Head over to our Facebook page to win a couple foot bath and massage worth $238 this Valentine’s.


Huang Ah Ma, The Oriental Spa Chamber
50 Mosque Street
Singapore 059528

Tel: 65361661
Opening hours: 11am – 3am

Nearest MRT: Chinatown

* This is an invite by Brand Cellar and Huang Ah Ma.


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Prices are a little steep, but for a once-in-awhile pamper, we'd say go for it.

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