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Along the street from Roast, you’ll come upon many other eateries and cafes. We couldn’t help but stop at this cute Japanese cafe, where many Japanese women and their babies had gathered for an afternoon chitchat over desserts. If you’re looking for adorable-looking (and insta-worthy) ice-creams and sweets, this place is a good bet.

– Gail & Jem

jaiyen cafe bangkok review by projectweekends singapore thonglorSummer Beach ice-cream – 155 Baht ($6)jaiyen cafe bangkok review by projectweekends singapore thonglorG & J: This was a combination of coconut sorbet with gummies, blue jelly and cookie crumbs. Without a doubt, it was our highlight. Though the gummy was a tad too hard to chew, the refreshing coconut ice won us over. You may choose your preferred ice-cream flavour, but we recommend  lighter option like sorbet as the jelly and sugar ducky was pretty thirst-inducing.

Other unique flavours include: Yakult Peepo, Thai Tea Fudge and Popcorn.

jaiyen cafe bangkok review by projectweekends singapore thonglorWe had to save our tummy for our cafe-hopping food trail, otherwise we would have ordered more. A superb place for chilling and a relaxing afternoon in sunny Bangkok.

You can also read more about another nearby cafe, Casa Lapin, if you prefer a more modern and hipster feel.


3 branches – Sukhumvit 33, Thonglor 13 and Paragon.

Branch we visited: Thonglor soi 13.

Opening hours:
Mondays – Fridays 2pm to 10pm
Saturdays & Sundays 12pm to 10pm

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