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Boundless – this word aptly sums up Chef Janice Wong.
Her never ending passion for culinary art has propelled her forward to test the limits of dessert making, including constantly blurring the boundaries between sweet and savoury.

– taken from Janice Wong’s Facebook page.

Janice Wong’s current pop-up store @ IonJanice Wong Ion OrchardJanice Wong Ion Orchard Janice Wong Ion Orchard Janice wont be Wong Ion Orchard Janice Wong Ion Orchard

The pop-up store is currently going on at Ion (opposite Sephora), but will move up to the third level when the pop-up store closes.

Midnight Love ($10)
Janice Wong Ion Orchard

G & J: This special cheesecake had jam bits in it, making it a joy to bite into. The design of the cake is unique and interesting, and the interior lived up to its expectations.


Definitely on the expensive side, but we all pay for novelty (willingly) sometimes don’t we. After all, Janice won’t be wong!

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Would make for a good surprise or a birthday present.

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