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A casual dining restaurant and bar, Kilo at Pact offers ‘comfort food’ with a twist. Kilo at Pact, which takes its name from the nautical signal flag meaning “I wish to communicate with you’, is about conversing with good food and connecting through hearty conversations.

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Squid Ink Fettuccini – $24
Kilo at Pact SingaporeG: Prawns were crunchy and fresh, and baby squid was crispy and savoury. The raw egg yolk at the centre was cooked perfectly and exploded over the fettuccini when mixed. Delicious! Be careful to check your mouth and teeth before leaving the restaurant though.

Kilo’s Smashburger – $23Kilo at Pact SingaporeG: Patty could be warmer; it was slightly cold. However, the cheddar, red onions and fluffy buns made up for it. A side of fries don’t hurt as well.

Mentaiko Spaghetti – $21Kilo at Pact Singapore
G: Fell short of expectations. The mentaiko taste did not linger long enough, and was basically too weak. The dish will excel as a normal spaghetti dish, but calling it mentaiko is pushing it.

Beef Short Rib Steak – $36
Kilo at Pact Singapore
G: The beef was sliced just right, not too thin (which can be unsatisfying) and not too thick (which can be hard to chew and swallow). Slow-cooked for sure, the meat is so tender and juicy. Very well marinated with black pepper. The greens are slightly tasteless though, but the pumpkin-walnut goat’s cheese quinoa underneath the bed of vegetables was simply mouthwatering.

BBQ Pork Riblets and Parmesan Wedges – $20
Kilo at Pact Singapore
G: Almost as good as Tony Romas’. Fine tangy bbq sauce atop a rack of nicely-cooked ribs. Very well done.

Yuzu Tai Roll – $23
Kilo at Pact Singapore
G: A special taste: the inner roll consists of crab (soft-shelled is my guess), wrapped with rice and a slice of snapper. Tastes mostly like normal sushi, though the yuzu-truffle dressing does give it a bit of a unique and refreshing taste.


Overall, a very satisfying dinner at Kilo at Pact. Prices are on the steep side but the food is well worth it. If you order correctly!

181 Orchard Road
#02—14-23 Orchard Central
Singapore 238896

Tel: 6884 7560

Worth Trying

Average Price Per Pax: $30-$40

What you should order: Beef short rib steak, BBQ pork riblets, Squid ink fettuccini.

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