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KOKOMAMA is the latest to-go place, with all their takeaway pastries (think salted egg yolk goodness) and unique bingsu flavours. Conveniently located at Dhoby Ghaut’s School of The Arts (SOTA), this spiffing new cafe is ready to unleash its fusion dishes onto you.

– Gail & Jem

In an effort to continue the legacy of the former tenant, KOKOMAMA carried on selling french pastries in addition to their hip fusion bites.

Kokolava Croissants: Salted Egg, Peanut and Custard – $6.50 eachkokomama at SOTA review projectweekends singapore kokomama at SOTA review projectweekends singaporeCustardkokomama at SOTA review projectweekends singaporeSalted Eggkokomama at SOTA review projectweekends singaporePeanutkokomama at SOTA review projectweekends singaporeG & J: The rave might be all about flowy salted egg croissants these days, but give the peanut one a try, you’ll be surprised at how savoury the pastry can be!

Fusion Pizzas: Chilli Crab and Salted Egg – $7.90 eachkokomama at SOTA review projectweekends singaporeG & J: The chilli crab one was a good attempt, but the authentic wok taste of chilli crab was not present. The salted egg pizza was initially not a stopper, but if you keep eating it, you’ll find that it really grows on you.

Salted Egg Prawns Pasta – $14.90kokomama at SOTA review projectweekends singaporeG & J: We can safely say this was the best dish of the night, loved by one and all. Creamy but not overwhelming, with fresh and crunchy prawns. Served with a small cup of mushroom soup and a slice of garlic bread. Love!

Yogurt Fruity Flair Bingsu – $14.90kokomama at SOTA review projectweekends singaporeG & J: A unique and refreshing flavour that consists of mangoes, strawberries, bananas, blueberries, waffles and yogurt. The fruits had a natural sweet flavour, and the crunch from the waffles sealed the deal. We can’t ask for more. Will definitely be back for this.

Other shaved ice flavours include:

Mango Bingsukokomama at SOTA review projectweekends singaporeStrawberry Bingsukokomama at SOTA review projectweekends singaporeMatcha Bingsukokomama at SOTA review projectweekends singaporeIf youre not a fan of bingsu, don’t fret. You can sip their blueberry and blackcurrant drinks. The blackcurrant one tastes just like Ribena.kokomama at SOTA review projectweekends singapore

A good place for morning breakfasts and tea times (they do takeaways!), especially if you work or study near the area.


1 Zubir Said Drive
#01-01 School of The Arts
Singapore 227968

Nearest MRT: Dhoby Ghaut

* This is an invited tasting by KOKOMAMA.


What we recommend: Fruity Flair Yogurt Bingsu

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