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In a corner of Jurong Point’s basement 1, three Korean eateries stand tall next to one another: Seoul Garden, Korbi Grill and Chef’s Noodle. The “Korean Territory”, as we term it, offers quite an impressive array of Korean cuisine options, from Korean BBQ and hotpot to premium steak and authentic Korean guksoo (sweet-flavoured broth and noodles). You can even make your own ice-cream on a cold lava stone at one of the restaurants; read on for a treat.

– Gail & Jem

We will be reviewing the food from all three restaurants.


Premium Seafood Hotpot – $16.90korbi grill jurong point review by projectweekends singaporeG & J: Comes with a choice of Miso or Kimchi Jjigae soup base. We tried the Kimchi Jjigae for the tasting, and honestly it was very addictive. The spiciness level was the kind that licked at our lips, but left us wanting more. The dish was made up of fresh seafood such as scallop, abalone, white clams and prawns. All ingredients were very fresh, and we particularly liked the bouncy scallop and sweet abalone slices. Served with glass noodles and a bowl of rice.


Chef’s Guksoo [Choice of Beef/Pork Broth] – $13.90
korbi grill jurong point review by projectweekends singapore
G & J: This was a bowl of soft textured noodles in concentrated, savoury- sweet flavoured beef broth that comes with a tinge of slight peppery aftertaste. The soup base tasted a little too sweet, and we suspect it’s from the air-flown-from Korea tamago egg slices. To add depth to the broth, the dish is topped with slowly-stewed pork bulgogi (meat), and a healthy dose of fresh vegetable garnishes. A very generous portioning, might we add. Suitable for a cold rainy day where a bowl of such warmth will remind you of home.


Grilled Beef Ribeye Steak – 180 gm at $21.90, 250 gm at $25.90
korbi grill jurong point review by projectweekends singaporeG & J: The hot lava stone will cook the steak for approximately 20 minutes at over 300 degree Celsius, but you may of course start cutting up the steak and eating it if you like your meat medium or medium rare. The cut was quite generous, and the beef was firm and juicy. Comes with a choice of sauce – Spicy Bulgogi or Korean Mushroom – and 1 choice of Side: Waffle fries, seasonal sautéed vegtable, Kimgaru rice or Tteokbokki (spicy Korean rice cakes). We had the 250gm steak served with Korean mushroom sauce and waffle fries, and tteokbokki. This brings Korean-Western fusion to another level.

Korbi Frost – $8.90+
korbi grill jurong point review by projectweekends singapore korbi grill jurong point review by projectweekends singapore korbi grill jurong point review by projectweekends singapore korbi grill jurong point review by projectweekends singaporeG & J: At Korbi Grill, there’s fun after the mains. You get to mix, match and made your own ice-cream for dessert!
Their specially designed cold lava stone keeps cool at -20 degree celsius, and that keeps your dessert cold for a good 15 minutes. We definitely had a lot of fun rolling, flattening and tossing the ice-cream around with the ingredients. Take a pick of two ice-cream choices, vanilla or chocolate, then choose a sauce from either sea-salt caramel or milk toffee. You can choose two toppings out of mini marshmallows, oreo cookies, white chocolate chips & chocolate chips, brownie squares or roasted almonds. This is the first time we are allowed to make our own dessert in a restaurant, and the experience was an interesting one.

Though their roots are Korean, the three Korean restaurants each had their own distinctive edge. We particularly liked Korbi Grill, where the dining experience was fascinating and food was satisfying.


Jurong Point Basement 1
1 Jurong West Central 2
Singapore 648886

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* This was an invited media tasting by Jurong Point.

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