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Lee Kum Kee, a household brand and a staple in supermarkets, aims to achieve ready-made sauces that saves a whole lot of time in the kitchen while coming up with a scrumptious meal in just 30 mins. As a company that has been making sauces for over 100 years, they are constantly coming up with new sauces and variations that are added to their recipes on a regular basis.
– Gail & Jem

The latest sauces include:
– Korean Marinade
– Sauce for Sweet & Vinegar Spare Ribs
– Lemongrass Marinade
– Soup Base for Black Pepper & Pork Bone Hotpot
– Soup Base for Drunken Chicken Hotpot

Lee Kum Kee
Lee Kum Kee
Simply add the marinate sauce to the meat and mix well. It is as simple as that.
Lee Kum Kee
Lee Kum Kee
Sauces are ready-made so you do not need to add any additional condiments.
To make: Samgyupsal Salad 
You will need – 1 packet of LKK Korean Marinade sauce, 200g of sliced pork belly, 10g of chilli powder mixed with LKK Premium Light Soy Sauce and Pure Sesame Oil, various greens of your choice for the salad.
Lee Kum Kee
Marinate for 10 mins.
Pan-fry the pork till light golden brown.
Lee Kum Kee
G: The samgyeopsal went really well with the refreshing veggies. The taste hit home and I was reminiscent of the Korean food I had in Korea. It is worth a shot, especially for new cooks.

* This is an invited cook session by Brand Cellar and Lee Kum Kee.
Try it!

Fuss-free more than anything else.

Recommended flavours: Korean marinade, soup base for drunken chicken hotpot.

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