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At first mention, Montana Brew Bar sounds like the perfect place for a coffee junkie, with brew and bar in its name. True enough, it is a legit coffee place. Except it serves some pretty darn good mains as well.

– Gail & Jem

Projectweekends Singapore review Montana Brew Bar PomoProjectweekends Singapore review Montana Brew Bar PomoProjectweekends Singapore review Montana Brew Bar PomoMontana Brew Bar allows you to choose your brew and the type of beans you prefer, to create your very own personalised drink.

Thai Lemongrass Prawn Burger – $15Projectweekends Singapore review Montana Brew Bar PomoG & J: This refreshing-looking burger tasted as good as it looks. With a unique lemongrass prawn patty, green curry mayo dressing topped off with mango red onion slaw, this dish leaves us coming back for more.

Umami Burger – $14Projectweekends Singapore review Montana Brew Bar PomoG & J: The Umami Burger is the latest kid on the burger block, making its first-ever appearance at Montana. The potato buns are soft, and the miso shiitake mushrooms with bonito flakes complement each other perfectly. A fine attempt by the chefs of Montana. Make sure you eat this before the Thai Lemongrass Prawn Burger if you’re ordering both, otherwise the unique taste of this classic and simple burger will be overpowered.

Truffle Egg Burger – $15Projectweekends Singapore review Montana Brew Bar PomoG & J: This burger could do with another dose of black truffle oil!

Fries (+$2 for truffle fries)Projectweekends Singapore review Montana Brew Bar PomoSpicy Bacon Pasta – $11Projectweekends Singapore review Montana Brew Bar PomoG & J: This comes with 4 levels of spiciness. We tried a level 4, and for us regular chilli eaters, we think level 2 will be a safer bet for a more comfortable meal (and tummy). Bacon was delicious though!

Southern Fried Chicken Wafflewich – $11.50Projectweekends Singapore review Montana Brew Bar PomoG & J: Yet another of Montana’s amazing creations. With waffles on both sides acting as a sandwich, the fried chicken stood out and packed a stronger punch. The addition of spicy southern mustard coleslaw was a good idea. The coleslaw will be acceptable even to usual coleslaw haters as it was not overly milky, and the cabbage was fresh and crunchy. A side of corn with some sweet and sour sauce puts the cherry on top. A sharing platter suitable for 2-3 pax.

“The Ultimate” Truffle Jalapeño Mac & Cheese – $12.50Projectweekends Singapore review Montana Brew Bar PomoG & J: The main point of this dish will be the jalapeño sauce. There is truffle oil and cheese infused, though it does not taste very cheesy. The sauce was tangy, and dipping the crispy waffles in certainly brought out the taste of the truffle even more.

Red Velvet Waffle Stack – $10.50Projectweekends Singapore review Montana Brew Bar PomoG & J: This dish is on limited order daily, so if you can manage to order it, do so! The red velvet waffles are sprinkled with red velvet crumbles on top, and served with good ol’ vanilla ice cream stacked between the waffles, and a generous dose of white chocolate rose sauce.

Head over to Montana Brew Bar if you’re looking for some kickass mains to go along with your coffee, because they serve some pretty damn decent food (and waffles). Best thing is, the food at Montana is all very easy on the pocket.

They’re currently having a promotion: Simply follow them on instagram at @montanabrewbar and you can take 10% off your burgers and 20% off the craft and fruit beers. Valid only till 31 July 2015.

Afterwards, saunter over to Nookie Yogurt – just right behind Montana – to get your froyo fix.



1 Selegie Rd
Singapore 188306
Tel: +65 98331790

Opening Hours: 8am – 9:30pm (Food from 10am onwards)

You can also find them on Facebook!

* This is an invited tasting by Montana Brew Bar.

Worth Trying

Average cost per pax: $20-$30

What you should order: Southern Chicken Fried Wafflewich, Thai Lemongrass Prawn Burger, Red Velvet Waffle Stack

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