National Vertical Marathon 2015


We’ve all heard of marathons and had our fair share of taking part in one, but how often do you come across a vertical marathon? Rather than the conventional flat-road runs, challenge yourself to ascend the peak in the fastest possible time. That’s the real deal.

– Gail & Jem

5 Reasons to Join a Vertical Marathon!

Not sure why you should take part in a vertical marathon? Here’s 5 reasons worth pondering on! Read to the end, because we’ve got a surprise for you.

1. Sheltered runNational vertical marathon 2015 singapore

We don’t know about you, but the sun can be really merciless to us when all we’re trying to do is complete the run and get the medal. Fret no more with vertical marathons, because you’ll be rushing up stairs within the cool comfort of concrete walls. One obstacle down!

2. Novelty

One Raffles Place

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It’s not everyday you get to participate in a vertical marathon, where a skyscraper office building shuts down its operations for a day to allow organisers to carry out the event.

3. Picturesque view at the top


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The sense of satisfaction you get when you scale challenging peaks. Just look at the rewarding scenery you get. Enough said.

4. Bragging rights

National vertical marathon 2015 singapore

There are so many flat road marathons in Singapore, and it’s not a big surprise when people tell you they’ve completed a 10 or even 21km marathon before. You can run long distances on your own, but you can’t climb 63 floors on your own. A vertical marathon however is much more challenging, burns a lot more calories and uses different sets of muscles.

5. Go for FREE! (Giveaway has ended)

Yes, Project Weekends is giving away one FULL TEAM PASS (4 pax) for the Open Relay category for the annual National Vertical Marathon (NVM) organised by NTU Sports Club.

Venue: One Raffles Place, one of the tallest buildings in Singapore

Date: 24 May 2015

Time: 6am – 5pm

Height: 63 storeys, to be ascended in the fastest possible time

Value: $120

Category: Open Relay (newly added)

The team of 4 will split themselves from the first to last runner. The first runner would be stationed at the starting line, while the subsequent runners at their respective levels. Once the preceding team member reaches the next team member, they would have to pass over a wristband before proceeding with their climb. The last runner would finish at the rooftop, while the first 3 runners would be brought down from their respective levels, and then escorted to the roof top where they will be reunited with their last runner.

Gather your friends now!

Registration Period: now till 31 March (early bird), 31 March – 8 May 2015  (regular pricing).

* Pricing for each category is available on their website, but the range is from $20-$26 for early bird and $24-$30 for regular pricing.

NVM is Singapore’s leading vertical marathon, attracting over 2,500 participants every year. There are a huge variety of categories that one can register under, so this marathon is for people from all walks of life.

Moreover, as NVM NTU Sports Club Chairperson puts it, “we are the first of our kind, and many other vertical marathons have sprung up after us. Yet, we continue to attract the largest crowd with even people from other countries flying to Singapore specially to take part.”

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