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With so many yogurt places sprouting around the island, most of us are at a loss as to which to try. Nookie Yogurt is one of the latest to add on to the craze, and they have many special flavours that have been pre-concoted, tried, and tested to be winners.

– Gail & Jem

Projectweekends review nookie POMO Black Forest Projectweekends review nookie POMO G & J: One of Nookie’s newest flavour! This is made up of froyo, choco crumble, red velvet crumbs, brownies and cherry sauce. The combination was one that was crunchy, chocolate-y and not overly sweet. Yogurt with an attitude indeed.

Matcha Black SesameProjectweekends review nookie POMO G & J: The green tea sauce was not very strong as the black sesame crumble had more impact. The mango spheres added a nice sweet touch, but we could not really tell if this flavour intended to be sweet or savoury.

Mango Sticky RiceProjectweekends review nookie POMO Projectweekends review nookie POMOG & J: If you like Thai desserts, you’ll like this flavour. The coconut taste was very strong due to the coconut sauce, and with the added butter crumble it was heaven. What made it even more special was the bits of mochi added in for a chewy and sticky texture (mango sticky rice after all), and with cubes of sweet mango fruit, this was one of our favourites.

Red Velvet ParfaitProjectweekends review nookie POMO G & J: This was the sexiest-looking of the lot for sure. Deep red tip with an even redder base. You’ll find strawberries, banana, chocolate sauce and legit red velvet cake (pounded into crumbs) sprinkles. Tastes like you’re eating cake with ice cream. Red velvet fans will love this.


Projectweekends review nookie POMO Nookie has one other new flavour – Peaches with Honey – also launching together with the Black Forest.

In addition, they’re also unveiling their new “DIY” concept, where you can purchase one serving of froyo, one choice of fruit, and one choice of topping for $4.90. Additional servings are at $0.60 each.

Nookie is more generous with their ingredients than other yogurt places, though the basic froyo could do with more impact. The colours are also very vibrant, and definitely worth a visit.

Afterwards, saunter over to Montana Brew Bar – just right behind Nookie for their burgers, waffles and coffee.



1 Selegie Road #01-04
Singapore 188306

Opening hours:
Monday – Sunday 1pm – 10pm

* This is an invited tasting by Nookie Yogurt.

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