1 Day Taipei: Beitou / Danshui / Shilin Night Market


Taking day trips out of Taipei city has become a norm and is gradually starting to be very popular with tourists. To help you, we have put together a few “must-see” places that can all be conquered very easily in a one-day itinerary. This is gonna be a long post, but definitely worth reading if you’re looking to take a day trip out of Taipei.


Day Trip: Beitou -> Danshui -> Shilin Night Market

We recommend that you follow this itinerary as it is time-efficient!

1. Beitou
beitou taipei taiwan thermal valley Beitou / Danshui / Shilin Night Market

Hot springs that never stop emitting heat. Click here to see the charms of Beitou.

2. Danshuidanshui old street laojie fisherman wharf lovers bridge Beitou / Danshui / Shilin Night Marketdanshui old street laojie taipei taiwan Beitou / Danshui / Shilin Night MarketDanshui as next stop in the late afternoon because you’ll be aiming to see the sunset and have some evening street food and activities. See more of Danshui here.

3. Shilin Night Market shilin night market taipei taiwan Beitou / Danshui / Shilin Night Market shilin night market taipei taiwan Beitou / Danshui / Shilin Night Market
One of the best places to hang out at night in Taipei is none other than a night market bustling with activities. Discover more of Shilin here.

We’ve already planned it all out for you, so just sit back, relax, and follow the itinerary. Have a good holiday! (:

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  1. Hi superb details n pictures on yr taiwan trip..I would be travelling with my hubby and teenage son in Nov 22 to 2 Dec. I am tasked to plan the itineraries for the whole trip. I need your advice and ideas to make the best of our trip.

    Hope to hear from you!

    Thank you for yr assistance and patience !

  2. Hi Eunice,
    You can go under our “Travel –> Taipei” tab on the website and browse through the posts we have put up. They should be able to help for your itinerary planning! (:

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