1 Day Taipei: Yeliu Geopark / Jiufen Old Street / Shifen Waterfall


Day Trip : Yeliu Geopark / Jiufen Old Street / Shifen Waterfall / Maochun / The Golden Waterfall / Yin-Yang Sea / Shifen Train Station

Taking day trips out of Taipei city has become a norm and is gradually starting to be very popular with tourists. To help you, we have put together a few “must-see” places that can all be conquered very easily in a one-day itinerary. This is gonna be a long post, but definitely worth reading if you’re looking to take a day trip out of Taipei.

First things first:

To travel in style, our tip is to make sure you travel in comfort. As you will be trying to cover quite a few places in one day, we would highly recommend that you hire a driver, especially if you’re travelling in groups of 3-4.

Reasons why hiring a driver is good:

1) With a car and a driver, you can save time travelling and rest in the car between stops, and not lug your things around as you visit one scenic spot to another. And you’ll get to squeeze in more places to visit!

2) For some stops like “黃金瀑布” (The Golden Waterfall) and “陰陽海” (Yin-Yang Sea), it is a long way out and you’ll only be there for a maximum of 15 mins to see the place and take photos. It makes little sense to take public transport.

3) Places like “十分大瀑布” (Shifen Waterfall) also closes early so you will not be able to make it in time to enjoy its beauty if you do not have a car.

Our driver for our Taiwan trip was 張师傅 (“Zhang shifu” – they call the cab drivers “shifu” out of respect), and he was an excellent driver as well as a good tour guide. He drove smoothly (jerky rides are the absolute worst) and along the way he would point out landmarks and explain the history behind it.

Duration of trip from start to end: 9am to 6pm  (9 hours in total)
* pick-up and drop-off is at your hotel/convenience.

Cost: 3500 NT (appx S$150)

張师傅’s contact: Add him on “Line” app, his ID is 0919200863.

If you travel in a group of 3-4, your cost per pax is only about S$37-S$50. Take my money, I said!

The rest of this post will bring you through all the places we visited in one day. Click on the link below each place to see more photos and details!

Best Route:

Yeliu Geopark ->Maochun -> Jiufen Old Street ->Huangjinpubu ->Yin-yang sea -> Shifen Waterfall ->Shifen Train Station


Yeliu Geopark 野柳地質公園yeliu geopark taiwan

Find out more about Yehliu Geopark.

Maochun Cat Village 猫村(侯硐)maochun cat village houtong taiwan

Find out more about Maochun.

Jiufen Old Street 九份老街jiufen laojie taiwanjiufenshifenyeliu-1957

Find out more about Jiufen.

The Golden Waterfall 黃金瀑布huangjin waterfall taiwan

“The Golden Waterfall (黃金瀑布) is located near the Gold Ecological Park (黃金博物園區) in Jinguashi. Although there is no actual gold flowing forth from these falls, the name reflects their golden appearance: the combination of regular rainfall in this mining area and abundance of heavy metal elements deposited in the riverbed radiate a gold-like color. The “rich” scenery has likewise become a favourite spot for wedding photography.”

– description from http://www.rtaiwanr.com/golden-waterfall

Yin-Yang Sea 陰陽海jiufenshifenyeliu-2073

“Another famous scenic spot, Yin-Yang Sea (陰陽海), can also be seen at the nearby Changren community (長仁社區). Yin and yang are the two opposing principles in Chinese philosophy, one light, the other dark. Thus, the name given to the beautifully contrasting colours of this cove.”

– description from http://www.rtaiwanr.com/golden-waterfall

Shifen Waterfall 十分大瀑布shifen waterfall taiwan

Find out more about Shifen Waterfall.

Shifen Train Station 十分火車站Shifen Train Station Taiwan tian deng

Find out more about Shifen Train Station.

We’ve already planned it all out for you, so just sit back, relax, and follow the itinerary. Have a good holiday!

P.S Try not to take tours on Mondays as most places are closed, e.g. Gold Museum.

You can also take a look at Kkday‘s version of a 1-day tour!
1-day tour around Jiufen, Shifen and Pingxi
1-day tour around Yehli, Jiufen, Shifen

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Gail & Jem are personalities hailing from sunny singapore and are game for all sorts of adventures. Freshly graduated from Nanyang Technological University, they've got real day jobs, but more than often Gail writes, and Jem takes photos. It's their favourite hobby. Whatever you need, they've got it.


  1. Your itinerary sample is so informative! I’ll be in Taipei soon for several days with some friends. I am interested in using the same driver you used but do you know if he speaks English? My friends and I have zero Chinese skills whatsoever! 🙁

  2. Hi Helen! We’re not too sure if he speaks English, but I think with some hand gesturing and google translate you can all get by (:

  3. Hi, the number of the driver that you wrote here is invalid. Would you have another number? 🙂 Thanks!

  4. Jen, if you add Taiwan’s country code before the phone number and save it in your contacts on your phone ( +886 919 200 863 ), the driver’s line will pop up in your account 🙂

  5. Hi, may i ask if you engaged the driver for your entire trip or only 1 day? Would it be worth it if there’s only 2 person travelling in a group? Thanks

  6. Hi Shihui,
    We engaged him for one day, but that’s because we only wanted to visit Jiufen and Shifen (and it was all covered in a day)! It is still worth it for the convenience (driver to drive you around and you can put your shopping bags in the car when you visit a new place). Hope this helps!

  7. Hello there, thanks for the wonderful information! May I ask how many pax does the driver take on his car and is 3500NTD counted by pax or by per car? Because we have 5 pax travelling to Taipei and are wishing to engage the driver but am unsure if his transport can fit everyone!

  8. Hi Kayla!
    3500 NTD is by per car! But the taxi is a usual 5-seater (including the driver), so we don’t think your group of 5 will be able to fit 🙁

  9. Hi Jem!

    Your itinerary looks very very appealing. I like the lack of time restraint for the most part. Thank you so much for sharing! I was born in Singapore too but moved to Canada. Sad to say, I can only speak very little (broken) Mandarin and can’t really write either. Do you think I won’t get a reply if I don’t message him on line using Mandarin? I can probably ask a friend for help to translate my message at the start but when I arrive, I doubt I’d be able to converse in Mandarin much…

    How did you come upon this driver? Can most drivers do the same thing for around the same price if I just hire a taxi service for a full day when I arrive in Taipei?


  10. Hi Michelle! It will be good if you have google translate on hand at least (: There should be many drivers around Ximending trying to get passengers, but this driver is trustworthy, that’s why we recommended him (:

  11. Other than line, is there any other way to conyact him? Like watsapp or wechat?

  12. Hi Angeline,

    Thanks for sharing! We have approved your comment to make it visible to other readers of Project Weekends (:

  13. Hi Jem!

    How many hours does it take for you to go back to Taipei Main Station? We want to take this tour for our last day in Taiwan but we have a flight 1am the next day. Do you think we can make it by 9pm in Taipei?
    Thanks! 🙂

  14. Hello there. I am clicking the link of the drivers that I can contact but I can’t open it. It says error.

  15. hi Gail & Jem! Where can we get the contact number of the driver? thank you

  16. Hi Jewel, we are not sure about that, please check with the station service counter (:

  17. Hi

    Thank you for your informative post. I just contacted Mr. Zhang for his services and his quotation is still reasonably priced at NTD 3500 (:

  18. Hello, do you have any other way to contact the driver? I tried his ID: 0919200863 though its not showing on line ☹️

  19. Hello! I want to take the driver you suggested but I tried searching for his ID in Line and was not able to search him. Any other contact number option? Thank you!

  20. Hi Gail&Gem,
    Thank you so much for this informative article
    !I’m working in Taiwan and I had two friends come to visit from Canada. I was desperately searching online for activities to do when I came across your blog ! I contacted Mr.Zhang immediately and luckily he was free ! He took us to all the places you mentioned above and charged us the same price, 3500NT, though we did give him a tip in the end coz he was just absolutely amazing ! He picked us up from our location in Taipei at 9:30am and we were back in Taipei by around 6:30pm. It started to rain when we arrived at our first destination and Mr.Zhang came to our rescue. He gave us each a rain coat and an umbrella !He took us to the best places to eat and even helped carry our shopping items back to the car so we didn’t have to carry them around. Such an amazing& kind hearted human. He doesn’t speak a word of English(aside from the names of the destinations 😂😂) but he did mention that when he gets contacted by non Chinese speakers, he usually gives them his colleagues’ contacts who do speak English ! If you speak even just a little Chinese, contact him, you won’t regret it!! 😊😊

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