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Calling all crab lovers! Tis’ the season to be jolly, because the crab madness buffet is all the rage right now at Penang St. Buffet. Located at Causeway Point, you can expect a big feast of 10 different types of crabs ranging from the usual flavours of chilli crab to unique new flavours like stuffed chicken in crab. Only till 30 September 2016! Under the GDGROUP umbrella, you can also find all traces of Penang in their Gurney Drive and Penang Culture outlets.

– Gail & Jem

Butter Crab
causeway point penang crab buffet-9540Ingredients: Butter, Milk, Condensed Milk, Chilli Padi

Stuffed Chicken in Crabcauseway point penang crab buffet-9550Ingredients: Minced Chicken and Crab Meat stuffed in Crab Shell, Deep Fried with Egg Wash

Black Pepper Crabcauseway point penang crab buffet-9541Ingredients: Shallots, Onions, Curry Leaf, Black Pepper

Tom Yam Crabcauseway point penang crab buffet-9542Ingredients: Tom Yam Paste, Lemongrass, Onions, Chilli Padi, Tomato, Lime Leaves and Lime Juice

Chilli Crabcauseway point penang crab buffet-9543Ingredients: Chilli, Tomato, Plum Sauce

Kam Heong Crabcauseway point penang crab buffet-9545Ingredients: Curry Powder, Shallots, Curry Leaves, Lemongrass, Chilli Paste, Dried Shrimps

Salted Egg Crabcauseway point penang crab buffet-9546Ingredients: Salted Eggs, Butter, Curry Leaves

Pumpkin Crabcauseway point penang crab buffet-9547Ingredients: Pumpkin, Onion, Tomato Paste

Typhoon Crabcauseway point penang crab buffet-9548Ingredients: Corn, Carrots, Potato, Black Soya Bean, Chilli Padi, Onion, Garlic

Golden Sand Crabcauseway point penang crab buffet-9544Ingredients: Butter, Eggs, Sugar, Curry Leaves, Milk

G & J: We were honestly spoilt for choice, and while each crab had its own ubiquitous flavour, we were impressed by the kam heong, butter and stuffed chicken in crab flavours! If you like crab roe, the stuffed chicken in crab will be your best bet. Tear open the crusts and help yourself to chunks of meat and roe in the shells, yum!

Other dishes in the buffet include:

Penang Prawn Meecauseway point penang crab buffet-9557 causeway point penang crab buffet-9561G & J: The broth of this was so rich and round, yet light on the tongue. They were able to capture the right texture and taste of authentic Penang prawn mee. We know because we just came back from Penang! Also, you can see that there’s crab meat inside this dish, reminiscent of the crab madness. Everything crab!

Mantouscauseway point penang crab buffet-9562G & J: You can use these crispy buns to dip into any of the crab sauces we have listed above.

Kueh Pie Ticauseway point penang crab buffet-9564Satays & Oysterscauseway point penang crab buffet-9565Penang-style Rojakcauseway point penang crab buffet-9566You can also order freshly grilled seafood at the counters:causeway point penang crab buffet-9567 causeway point penang crab buffet-9568 causeway point penang crab buffet-9569 causeway point penang crab buffet-9571G & J: The seafood was very fresh, but sadly the sambal did not do it justice.

Overview of the buffet:causeway point penang crab buffet-9523 causeway point penang crab buffet-9526 causeway point penang crab buffet-9532 causeway point penang crab buffet-9533 causeway point penang crab buffet-9536 causeway point penang crab buffet-9537G & J: Desserts include cookies, cake pops, crème brûlée, ice-cream, and durian chendol.

Overall, we enjoyed the food and ambience, and even if you’re not a fan of crab, the other buffet options make up for it.

Weekdays – $59.90++ (adult), $19.90++ (child)
Weekends – $63.90++ (adult), $20.90++ (child)

Session 1 – 4.45pm- 7pm (2hrs 15 mins)
Session 2 – 7.30pm – 10pm (2hrs 30mins)
Difference between session 1 and session 2:
Session 1 Mon to sun – no grill items**, 10% discount given
Session 2 Mon to sun – grill items included
Weekday (Mon- Thurs) – no lobster
Weekend (Fri- Sun) – Lobster is included

*Child below 100cm in height eats free. Child refers to children aged below 12.
**grill items- grilled prawns, grilled lala, grilled stingray, grilled sotong


Causeway Point
1 Woodlands Square,
Singapore 738099

Tel: 68947872

For reservations or enquiries, you can email or call 68947872.

* This is an invited media tasting by Penang St. Buffet.

Above Average

Price is not very steep considering the spread and variety the buffet offers!

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