Raohe Night Market


Home to night markets, New Taipei City is set to conquer your heart through your stomach. In addition to foods, street/night markets are the perfect places to shop for anything you might need, from clothing and accessories to electronics, all at very reasonable prices. Just follow the venders’ call and let their enthusiasm infect you – no fancy dress required.

– taken from the travel brochures of Taipei night markets.

Let’s cut to the chase. We all wanna know what’s good to eat, eat and eat. Let the food trail begin!

1. Black Pepper Meat Puff/Bunraohe night market taipei
raohe night market taipei
Long queue for this but totally worth the wait. Peppery and delicious. Just be careful you don’t scald your tongue because it’s really hot.

2. Torched Grilled Angus Beefraohe night market taipei
These beef cubes are an absolute dream. The kind that are perfectly bite-sized and you just keep popping them into your mouth again and again… and again. Comes with different sauces/toppings. We recommend the rose salt one.

3. Scallopsraohe night market taipei
This spells fresh seafood and seaweed. Need we say more?

4. Omelette with shavingsraohe night market taipei
An interesting snack. Drizzled with many kinds of sauces, this looks like a mouthful but is pretty addictive after the first bite.

5. Taiwan Sausageraohe night market taipei
Taiwan and sausages come together in a sentence.

6. Skewered Lambraohe night market taipei
Somewhat like satay. But the lamb was very fragrant.

7. Ai-yu Jelly Drinkraohe night market taipei
What is Gongcha and Koi? This is the real deal man.

8. Fried Milk Ballsraohe night market taipei
A Taiwan speciality. Very milky once you bite into it!

9. Candied Strawberriesraohe night market taipei
Nobody says no to this. Strawberries are also very sweet. Best to share though, might be too much for the less sweet-toothed.

10. Taiwan Yong Tau Fooraohe night market taipei  raohe night market taipei

raohe night market taipei
Eat the dry version. Very spicy and addictive. The kind of spicy where you fan your mouth but go back for more. Makes for a very good dinner as well!



Raohe Night Market

Section 4, Bade Road, Songshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 105

Nearest MRT: Songshan station exit 5

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