Shifen Train Station


Shifen Old Street is the biggest village along the Pingxi line. The train tracks past right in front of the business entrances, making it very popular among movie and commercial producers. This is a MUST GO! Releasing sky lanterns (放天灯) is a significant ritual in Taiwan and if you’re with your significant other, even better.

Go at night, because lanterns look nicer in the night sky. You don’t have to worry if you’ve hired a driver, because he will know exactly what time to reach and leave. Otherwise, make sure you don’t miss your last train back!

Different colours = different meanings. You can choose which colours you prefer on your lantern!Shifen Train Station Taiwan tian deng
It’s about 200 NT per lantern (S$8).

Shifen Train Station Taiwan tian deng

Train comes really close to the sidewalk so be safe!Shifen Train Station Taiwan tian deng Shifen Train Station Taiwan Shifen Train Station Taiwan Jingan bridge

Jingan Bridge – 128 meters longShifen Train Station Taiwan jianan bridge

Buy firecrackers (400 NT per box) and release them when you’ve released your lanterns. They are quite expensive so again, bargain. Really really pretty when they’re let off and the best part is, you let it off yourself. Shifen Train Station Taiwan Shifen Train Station Taiwan Shifen Train Station Taiwan


You can’t miss this in Taiwan. It’s too beautiful, and honestly, where else can you get such an authentic experience?


Ping River (Pingsi) Township, New Taipei City 226, Taiwan (ROC)

* You can get the train schedule here to Shifen Train Station 十分火車站!

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