Shifen Waterfall


Located on the upstream of Shifen waterfall, the waterfall got its name from its “glassy” features when viewed from afar. For a full view of the waterfall, stand on the suspension bridge.

– taken from the brochure of Shifen.

Make sure you set aside enough time to get to this place, because the view is like this:shifen waterfall taiwan
Cannot be missed for any budding photography!

Prepare your lens, lock the mirror, hold the shutter and wait. Patience is the key to achieve the effect of breathtaking silky smooth water.

shifen waterfall taiwan shifen waterfall taiwan   shifen waterfall taiwan

Path leading to the waterfall
shifen waterfall taiwan shifen waterfall taiwan shifen waterfall taiwan
Be careful of any approaching trains! Don’t get too engrossed in taking photos until you risk your life unnecessarily.

Very pretty place to take photos. Going around 3pm is the best, because there is no direct sun overhead and the lighting is good.


By public transport: Take to Ruifang or Badu station and transfer to Pingxi Line before getting off at Shifen station.

We recommend getting a driver to bring you here!

*Park’s opening hours: 9am to 4.30pm (last entry at 4.30pm) so don’t be late!

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