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Street foods are a surefire way to experience Taiwanese culture; the trouble is in picking which of the countless eateries in New Taipei City to try. Night market snacks are the perfect starters – great variety served in small portions. Where else to begin other than the famous Shilin Night Market (士林夜市)? No one leaves Taipei without soaking in the night atmosphere and trying the food there at least once.

– Gail & Jem

Fun fact: The fastest way to Shilin night market is actually to stop at Jiantan Station, because once you exit the station the market is right in front.

We have collated some 10 things you HAVE TO EAT & DO while you’re in the area.

1. Mango Snow Ice – 130 NT

Drizzled with condensed milk, the thinly sliced ice are soft as melted butter. Mangoes are also frozen (potential brain freeze!) so this makes for a good dessert in both summer and winter.

2. Strawberry Snow Ice – 130 NT
shilin night market taipei taiwan
Same goes for this. Strawberries are very sweet too.

Where you can find them:

Look out for this store in the basement. It’s like a food court kind of area, and they’re the only stall selling snow iced desserts and fruits.

shilin night market taipei taiwan

3. Chicken backside (one stick of 6) – “七里香”
shilin night market taipei taiwan shilin night market taipei taiwan

4. Taiwanese sausage “香腸”
shilin night market taipei taiwan

5. Oyster Omelette
This is nothing like Singapore’s. The Taiwanese give their take by adding a kind of sweet sauce on top of the fried egg, and adding prawns. A uniquely Taiwan taste, though I still prefer Singapore’s version with the sambal-like chilli.

6. Braised pork on rice “滷肉飯”
shilin night market taipei taiwan
This is like the “must-try-chicken-rice” in Singapore. Meat is fatty and juicy – very wholesome taste! Rice is perfectly moist. It’s just a simple dish, yet if you don’t try it you’ll definitely regret.

7. Taiwanese Fried Chicken “ji pa” (豪大大雞排)shilin night market taipei taiwan
Damn long queue as you can see. Jolly good.

shilin night market taipei taiwan
Shilin chicken. I believe fans of Singapore’s Shilin will come here for this. It’s very crispy and the batter has a lot of five spice powder (五香粉) and white pepper in it. Yummy!

8. *bonus* Duckie Cotton Candy
shilin night market taipei taiwan      shilin night market taipei taiwan

Can you believe we stumbled upon this novelty? I’ve never seen cotton candy being made this way before, and it was just so interesting.

shilin night market taipei taiwan

I don’t know if it’s a new stall set up at the market, but we attracted many stares carrying this around. It got a little bulky to carry around after awhile, so we promptly ate it.

9. “Massage parlour”shilin night market taipei taiwan shilin night market taipei taiwan
Quite hilarious. This makeshift “shop” was made up simply of stools and bunches of sticks that were used to “hit” your sore back, neck and head. Like the sign says, “拍一次,只要100元!” (meaning, “just 100 NT for a good massage!”). A good place to take a rest when your legs are tired, and rejuvenate yourself.

10. Street gamesshilin night market taipei taiwan
There are many of such street vendors around, offering different games and different prizes to be won (though mostly soft toys). Basically a place for guys to show off to their girlfriends and make them swoon – when the guy wins a toy of the girl’s choice for her. Games include shooting darts or guns at balloons (some filled with water), or throwing hoops. The lowest winnings for a game can range from sweets to heat packs. We say give it a shot, no harm right?


Overall a fairly interesting place to visit; we enjoyed our time there very much. The only downside was not finding the “oyster meesua” which I thought would be popular in Shilin. Maybe next time!


No. 101, Jīhé Rd, Shilin District.台北市士林區義信里
Nearest MRT: Jiantan station

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