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Penang is a tourist destination that constantly appeals to Singaporeans, and though we have heard much about the vibrant George Town, it was both our first time there in the summer of 2016. Having stayed at a wonderfully minimalistic and cozy Airbnb apartment (just about every angle of the place is insta-worthy!), we thought we should share about it so fellow tourists – you who is reading this very article at the moment – can have more options for accomodation when visiting Penang.

– Gail & Jem

Exterior of Sinkeh

sinkei-9680 sinkei-9664G & J: It’s easy to miss the entrance of this place as the word “SINKEH” does not stand out. But after you see it for the first time, you’ll remember the tall white walls and plants outside the guesthouse.

Sinkeh feels like a big apartment, complete with lounge areas and kitchen, shared by different guests staying in different rooms.

sinkei-9573Sinkeh: Translates to Xin Ke (新客) in Chinese.

SINKEH means “newcomer” in Hokkien – a commonly used Chinese dialect in Penang. They were Chinese immigrants who came to Penang in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Comprising of traders, craftsmen and coolies, they formed part of the vibrant mix of communities that make up the population.

Sinkeh is also known as the Guesthouse with a Love for the Arts. This is because the apartment is actually part art museum/gallery, and more often than not, you’ll hear and see performers on the first floor, practising for a play. Rehearsals, lectures and discussions are regular occurrences in the studio. Rest assured they are merely the creative expressions of artists who pass through, and not noise pollution!

sinkei-0482G & J: Sek Thim (dressed in white tee) is almost always behind the wooden reception counters. He is the owner of this Airbnb, and if we could describe him in three words, it would be edgy, artsy and knowledgeable.

He is also very friendly, so don’t hesitate to ask him any queries you might have as a unfamiliar tourist. He even hand-drew a “map” for us that shows all the famous food places and malls, right down to what they sell. Very detailed and impressive, we must say!

Resident dog, Lunasinkei-0492G & J: Luna looks fierce but she doesn’t bite. Mostly she just lazes around and plonks her face on the cooling concrete floor of Sinkei.

sinkei-0488sinkei-0483Corridors of the apartment

sinkei-9585sinkei-0475Lounge areas on the third storey

sinkei-0469 sinkei-0466G & J: We love to hang out at this balcony area every night after purchasing drinks at a nearby beer mart, and just sit there reading or watching dramas. The only downside is that there are mosquitoes from the surrounding plants, so be sure to spray insect repellent if you want an undisturbed night.

The Room

sinkei-9578sinkei-9581 sinkei-9580sinkei-0115G & J: Our favourite part of the airbnb is the room! The minimalistic and clean outlook of the room is one of the major reasons why we chose it.

Around the Guesthouse

sinkei-0153 sinkei-0157sinkei-0177

G & J: Just about every corner of Sinkei is photogenic, as you can see. If you like taking photos, this is the perfect Airbnb to stay in (:

Furthermore, you can experience the lively day and night life of George Town, as this apartment is easily accessible to all the little streets and alleys.

You can book a room at Sinkeh here. If you’re not registered on AIRBNB yet, click here to get a free $40 voucher and start planning your trip.


105 Lebuh Melayu
George Town, Penang

If you’re in Penang and wondering where to start when planning the itinerary, you can check out our Kkday 1-day Private Charter in Penang. Before you embark on the trip, make sure to rent your WI-FI router from Changi Recommends so that you can post photos of your holiday on-the-go!



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