All You Need To Know About Starbucks @ Taipei 101


If you want to enjoy the view from atop Taipei 101 but don’t want to spend 400 NT (approximately S$16) on admission fees, we recommend making your way up to the famous Starbucks on the 35th floor. Astounding view with coffee to boot.

– Gail & Jem

First and most important thing to note: you can go up BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. If you do not call at least one day in advance to make appointment, you will be denied entry.

Number to call: +886 2 8101 0701
*speaker cannot really speak English so make sure your Mandarin is pretty kickass. We suggest asking your hotel’s receptionist to help make the call and book an appointment slot for you.

Entrance to the lobby
tajpei 101
Enter via Xin Yi Road, Sec.5, door 7. This is the quickest way. Walk around the perimeter of Taipei 101 to find this entrance. It is not far off from the main entrance.

Interior of the lobby
tajpei 101 starbucks

At your scheduled appointment time, a Starbucks staff will appear with a list and a bunch of number cards. If he/she is late, do not panic. Just join the rest of the patrons milling about the lobby. You will know they are also waiting to go up because they will look as bored as you!

tajpei 101 starbucks

On the 35th floor, this is the corridor to the entrance.
tajpei 101 starbucks
At this point you should speed up, because everyone will be rushing to get the window seats. Our tip: try to pace yourself so you end up last to enter the lift, because then you’ll be first to get out of the lift.

tajpei 101 starbucks tajpei 101 starbucks

As you can see, the space in Starbucks is not very large, and that is why they can only let visitors up by batches and scheduled appointment timings. This is to make sure that it is not overcrowded as they also have to cater to the working/office crowd at Taipei 101.

tajpei 101 starbucks
Once you’re up, every person is obliged to buy a drink and a snack (be it cakes, cookies, or sandwiches). This is compulsory and the person on the phone would’ve made it clear to you earlier when you were making the booking. So if you have a friend with you, between both of you there will be two drinks and two snacks.

tajpei 101 starbucks tajpei 101 starbucks
The view is spectacular and almost as good as going up to the 89th floor, so this is a good alternative if you do not wish to spend ticket money to go up.

Also, each appointment slot lasts only 1.5 hours, so make sure you make full use of the time to take photos and enjoy the view! If you’re planning to visit Starbucks and go up to the highest floor, we suggest arriving early to Taipei 101 to buy tickets at level 5 first then going for your scheduled Starbucks appointment, because the ticketing queue is very long! This will help you be more time efficient, as you can go up after you’re done with Starbucks and not sit around waiting for your queue number to be called.

tajpei 101

A novelty. Starbucks @ Taipei 101 is a stop not to be missed.



110, Taiwan, Taipei City
Xinyi District, Section 5, Xinyi Road, 7號之1
Tel: +886 2 8101 0701


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  1. Hi! You may choose your prefered time slot, but it is subjected to their availability. The person on the line will liaise with you accordingly (:

  2. Hi Gail!

    Was surprised to see that it’s you when I scrolled to the bottom. Anyway, good tips there, will be attempting to get up there in a few days’ time! 🙂 Any idea if they would be so popular that calling the day before would be difficult to get an appointment?

  3. Hi Wan Xuan!
    Pleasant surprise to see you here too, thanks for visiting our site (:
    There shouldn’t be a problem as there are many time slots available, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. RSVP as soon as you can borrow a local phone from your accommodation, i.e hotel lobby reception. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Hello.

    Were the three girls with the Starbucks employee happen to be Korean tourists? Just wanted to know out of curiosity. Thanks!

  5. Man, I was looking forward to making an appointment to study up there. But if I can only sit for 1.5 hours, then I’ll pass.

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