SumoWeekends: 3 Desserts That Say “I Love You”


SumoWeekends: 3 Desserts That Say “I Love You”If you are struggling to find the right words to express your feelings and show your care to someone, then this post is just for you! I understand how frustrating it is when the words are forming at the tip of your tongue, but you don’t say it out because it doesn’t do justice to what you really mean.

So how about showing your love by baking these heartfelt desserts that simply say “I love you.” Go, bake your feelings. No more excuses for being tongue tied 😉

3 Desserts That Say “I Love You”1. Focaccia Bread

Because I knead you in my life.
Can’t go through life without love; can’t have a party without cake.



For the matcha lovers, this green tea tiramisu is a cup of soothing embrace.





Sumopocky is giving away a box of FUDGY BROWNIES! These decadent fudgy brownies are made with 75% cocoa dark chocolate – just the way brownies should be!
Why 75% Cocoa Dark Chocolate?
The darker the chocolate, the more cocoa it contains, and the healthier and yummier it is! Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants, might lower blood pressure, and might even lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. Baking with dark chocolate also means a brownie that is sweet and rich in a good way; not the sickeningly sweet kind! Yum. Hope you win a box of these goodies ^^


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Hi! I'm Erika Low Yue Huan. Baking is my therapy, and I enjoy creating and sharing my baked desserts with you. If you are looking for a medium to unwind, then Sumopocky might just be the place for you.

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