SumoWeekends: Sugarless Double Chocolate Brownies


Sugarless Double Chocolate BrowniesSugarless Owl Brownies

This recipe will break the myth that healthier desserts can never taste as good… because these sugarless brownies are delicious and leaves you craving for more! You read that right – no sugar. Honey, a natural sweetener, has taken the place of sugar.
Two different kinds of chocolate are used – mainly dark chocolate and some white chocolate. The white chocolate helps to add a bit of sweetness too.
The brownies are moist and rich, plus simple to make too! Sure to be a hoot! (Owls… hoot… get it? hahahaha) 
I always find it fun to give my desserts a face, so I decorated them like owls. Didn’t want to waste any of the brownie by cutting out circles from a rectangular brownie sheet, thus I baked them in muffin cups. But you can always bake them in a regular rectangular pan if you skip the decoration! Just increase the baking time by about 5 minutes.
Sugarless Double Chocolate Brownies (Owl Brownies)
by Sumopocky

Equipment: 6 muffin cups (~ 6cm in diameter)
Time: 20 minutes active time + 30 minutes baking time + decorating time
Makes 6 portionsINGREDIENTS
[For Brownies]
140g of Dark chocolate chips
60g of White chocolate chips
80g of Unsalted butter (melted)
2 Eggs (beaten)
2 tbsp of Honey
2 tbsp of Fresh milk
70g of Cake flour
15g of Cocoa powder
2g of Baking powder[For Decoration]
12 Oreo cookies
6 almonds
Melted chocolate/nutellaDIRECTIONS
[For Brownies]
1. Preheat oven to 170°C. Meanwhile, melt the dark and white chocolate chips over a water bath (or heat it in a microwave at 600W, mixing each time between 30 seconds intervals till melted).
2. Add the butter, and mix well.
3. Mix in the beaten eggs until it is well incorporated.
4. Add in the honey, followed by the fresh milk, ensuring all is mixed well between each addition.
5. Sift in the cake flour, cocoa powder, and baking powder. Fold it in with a spatula.
6. Transfer the batter to the muffin cups (you can use an ice cream scoop to ensure even portions)
7. Bake in the oven at 170°C for 20 minutes.

[For Decoration]
1. For the eyes, twist the Oreo cookies carefully in half, retaining only the side with the cream.
2. Pipe on some melted dark chocolate/nutella (this serves as the glue) and stick the eyes on to the brownies
3. Pipe out the pupils of the eyes using the dark chocolate/nutella
4. Use the almonds as the beak, adhering it using dark chocolate/nutella

Sugarless Double Chocolate Brownies


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