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Dating, chilling with friends, eating out with family – these are all activities that have one thing in common: spending money. In Singapore, in addition to the high cost of living, we also happen to be one of the more sheltered lot who constantly strive to have a higher standard of living. Fret not though, not all is lost. Project Weekends is here to tell you about the best deal in town: one that will save you so much money you won’t believe it. Got that girl you’ve been trying to impress? You can now bring her out for a fancy dinner without burning a hole in your pocket. We promise!

– Gail & Jem

The Entertainer App is an app that offers 1-for-1 deals on food and lifestyle activities. Not only do these amazing offers include restaurants, there are also offers up to 3-for-3 nights at hotels across the region (Read our Hot Summer Nights Promotion post for more details!). Eating out with your significant other? Check. Going on a holiday? Check. We show you exactly how.

Let’s say you’re going out for a whole day with your significant other, or a friend, and you’re planning for activities to do and places to go. The places we are going to name in our example are random and only for the sake of explanation. There are a lot more choices you can choose from – if you download the app you’ll know. ^^

Here’s how a day with The Entertainer App can go:

Morning activity: Masego Spa


As you can see, you stand to receive one complimentary full body spa polish (60 min) worth $88 if you purchase a single session. What this means is that both of you only need to pay for one session, but receive two sessions in total! The massage must of course be of equal value.

Estimated savings: $88


Brunch/Lunch: House of Commons


Lunch time! You head over to House of Commons to grab some lunch and coffee. 1-for-1 main course deals are available. You stand to save $11 if you order a main course worth $11.

Estimated savings: $11


Afternoon activity:


After lunch and all energised, you head for a day of fun: Laser Tag! Enjoy 1-for-1 sessions with your significant other. Remember to make a booking in advance!

Estimated savings: $25


Dinner: The Marmalade Pantry


All shagged out from the afternoon’s activities, you head for dinner at The Marmalade Pantry. Again, have a main course free when you order a main course of equal or higher value. Only main courses can be considered – beverages, desserts, breakfast and shared platters are not redeemable as main course items.

Estimated savings: $25


It is as simple as that! The total savings from the whole day’s worth of activities and food is:

$88 + $11 + $25 + $25 = $149.

A whopping one hundred and forty-nine dollars! How much did we say the app costs again? Yep, that’s right, The Entertainer App costs only $85, and it gives you these amazing deals till the end of the year!


To purchase an app worth $85 may sound pretty steep initially, but in a day alone, you can make it all back. There are different deals constantly coming up, and the offers are all valid till 31 December 2016 so you do not have to squeeze everything you wanna try or do within a limited period. Take your time to explore the app and see just how much you can save, and how much more you can do, simply because you save so much more. The app will also let you know the offers that are available around your location.

Intrigued yet?

We have a surprise for you! Key in the promo code: 2016SGBLOG and enjoy $10 off your app purchase. Good things must share!

Also, read about their Hot Summer Nights‘ promotion if you’re looking to travel this summer.

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Downloading The Entertainer App is FREE! – What are you waiting for?

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