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The Soup Spoon is souper stoked to launch their new SouperChef Creations (previously known as Souper Inspirations), inspired by their SouperChef Anna’s recent trip to Kyushu, Chubu and Tohoku regions in Japan. This exciting and delectable campaign is 9-week long, and if you’re a fan of soups, you can look forward to new flavours during this period when you dine there.

– Gail & Jem

Hikado : Portuguese-Japanese Chicken Stew
soup spoon japan soups review by projectweekends singaporeG & J: This first originated as a vegetable soup in Portugal and evolved to become a chicken and seafood-based soup when the Japanese in Nagasaki adapted it with local ingredients and miso. SouperChef Anna added mixed grain rice to make it a healthier affair with patrons, and also a little sea cucumber for an exquisite fusion flair.

Grilled Corn Chowder Champon Stylesoup spoon japan soups review by projectweekends singaporeG & J: If you don’t like meat, fret not. You can order this vegetarian soup, and it takes inspiration from Champon, a Chinese-style noodle dish of pork, seasonal seafood and vegetables, all pan-fried in lard. This soup is recreated with corn chowder, stir-fried cabbages and aioli with the unami-rich flavour of yuzukosho that instantly brightens this chowder.

Barramundi Miso Arajirusoup spoon japan soups review by projectweekends singaporeG & J: Arajiru is a miso soup made with kombu bonito stock, fish head and fish bones that had been chargrilled. In this version, there is lemon and yuzu added, helping to cut the fishiness of the stock with citrusy notes. Be careful of fish bones though!

What you may like to know about SouperChef Anna:

As a self-taught cook who strongly believes in clean eating, SouperChef Anna’s recipes are mostly inspired from her travels and experiences across the globe. With over 26 outlets across Singapore, her mission is to bring affordable clean eating to your table. The Soup Spoon takes a holistic approach to nutrition, using only fresh and zero preservative ingredients, creating healthy yet delicious food.

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Have a Souper-b time!

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