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One of Singapore’s renowned Chinese restaurants with a glorious history of 21 years will be whetting your appetite with its new à la carte menu. Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s Chef Brian Wong took over the reigns in December 2015 and has never looked back since. Placing the culinary team’s creativity and expertise at the service of discerning guests’ taste buds, he continues the rich culinary excellence that guests have come to associate with the restaurant. From steaming hot Dim Sum and appetisers to live seafood delicacies and hearty rice / noodles as well as nutrient-rich desserts, Wan Hao is the ideal destination for a formal luncheon with business associates, to have dim sum with your friends, or to celebrate your loved one’s birthday.

– Gail

Deep-fried Prawn Mango roll ($5 for 2 pieces)
Steamed Crystal Skin Vegetarian Dumpling ($4 for 2 pieces)
Baked Crispy Honey-glazed Pork Puff with Pepper Sauce ($5 for 2 pieces)

wan hao marriott review by projectweekends singaporeG: At Wan Hao, most dishes are designed to be shared in order to allow for variety and sampling. While the honey-glazed pork puff was nothing spectacular, the prawn mango roll and vegetarian dumpling took my breath away. The roll was crispy and aromatic, with a dollop of mango sauce, and don’t let the average looks of the dumpling fool you – filled with goodness inside, I promise non-veggie lovers will love this as well. Also, it is a healthier version of the fried prawn rolls for a starter course.

Bird’s Nest Dumpling in Superior Sauce ($28 per portion)
wan hao marriott review by projectweekends singaporeG: Everyone couldn’t raving about this dish the whole night. Inside the dumpling, you can expect bits of scallop and crab, minced together with the highlight – bird’s nest. The superior sauce is a thick broth that gave me a dilemma: to savour it slowly or to gobble down in big mouthfuls. Can’t believe how affordable this is too! Hands down my favourite for the night.

Deep-fried Prawns in Pumpkin Butter Sauce ($35 per portion)
wan hao marriott review by projectweekends singaporeG: Creamy buttery sauce coupled with sweet Malaysian pumpkin that tastes faintly of salted egg yolk. Marriott chooses Malaysian pumpkins over Japanese ones as the latter will be too sweet and overwhelm the prawns. With a milder pumpkin taste, you can taste the sweetness of the fresh prawns much better. Large crunchy prawns that are deep-fried to a golden brown. Approve!

Wok-fried Beef Fillet with Angelica & Chinese Yam ($32 per portion)wan hao marriott review by projectweekends singaporeG: With the beef freshly imported from USA, I wouldn’t expect anything less than tender succulent meat from the marbling. The texture of the beef was regretfully powdery though, which fell beneath my expectations. The Angelica and Chinese yam are herbs that are nutritious in content though, so that redeemed the dish a little.

Wok-fried Wanton Noodles with Live Lobster in Superior Stock ($38 per portion)wan hao marriott review by projectweekends singaporeG: The wok-taste was strong in this one, and the egg-noodles went smoothly with the special superior sauce. Not only does the noodles have a bouncy feel to it, the main highlight – lobster! – was fresh, meaty and creamy. Such extravagance for an affordable price. Highly recommended.

Chilled Double-boiled Peach Resin with Red Dates ($16 per portion)wan hao marriott review by projectweekends singaporewan hao marriott review by projectweekends singaporeG: Peach resin (featured above) is rich in collagen, and Chef Wong leaves it to boil for half a day on the hob before adding red dates. I never knew peach resin is actually sap from the peach trees – they are dehydrated after collection and reboiled with sweet sugar to become small pieces of resin. The final product is a sweet dessert with gingko nuts and red dates to end off the meal. Not to mention the beautifying qualities that this dish possess!

Marriott’s Wan Hao has been around for a long time, and if there’s anything that they can be proud of, it’s the consistency and quality of food that they have always taken pride in.


Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel
320 Orchard Rd

Tel: 68314605

Opening Hours:
Mon- Fri 12pm-3pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm
Sat – Sun 11.30am-3pm, 6.30pm-10.30pm

* This is a media invite from Wan Hao.


What you should order:
Steamed Crystal Skin Vegetarian Dumpling, Bird’s Nest Dumpling in Superior Sauce, Wok-fried Wanton Noodles with Live Lobster in Superior Stock.

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